February 2, 2023

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Regular readers will remember Sarah’s 12-part series on training in the magazine in 2012 (it’s available to read online here) — and a few of you may still use the techniques you learned with your cats.If you’ve ever battled to get your cat into a carrier, struggled to give him a worming tablet or tried (and failed) to introduce a nervous kitty to visitors, you’ll want to read our interview with feline behaviour specialist Sarah Ellis on training cats to lead happier, stress-free lives.

Find out more about the new book — and how you can start training your cat today — in the September issue.The ground-breaking series in Your Cat was so well received that Sarah and fellow cat expert John Bradshaw decided to collate it all into one fantastic book, ‘The Trainable Cat’.

There are certain people in this world, like Sarah, who dedicate their lives to animal welfare with a view to improving the lives of our pet cats. We’re so full of admiration for these incredible animal activists that we’ve put together a feature on 10 people (though there are hundreds we could name!) who have changed the world for cats, past and present. Pick up this issue… and prepare to be wowed by dedication of these incredible individuals.

One name that comes up time and time again when we think about much-loved fictional felines is Judith Kerr, creator of ‘Mog the Forgetful Cat’ — a book that both children and adults look back on fondly. Judith kindly took the time to speak to us this month about her life with cats, including ‘Mog’ and her real-life muse. Don’t miss the interview in this issue — plus the chance to win a collection of ‘Mog’ stories to enjoy all over again.

And finally, please do vote for your favourite products in this year’s Your Cat Product Awards. This is your chance to highlight the items that make life with your cat happier, healthier and easier — plus, everyone who votes will be put into a special prize draw to win a fantastic food storage bundle from Garden Trading. Place your votes using the form in this issue, or online at www.yourcat.co.uk/pa2016

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