January 30, 2023

Yes, Virginia, there is a National Hairball AwarenessDay

What more can you say about hairballs?

That they’re inevitable? That even the most well-groomed cat will at some point indulge in that unmistakable Hurka-Gurka action — usual in the middle of the night? That, if you know your cats intimately, you’ll even know who is doing it? And that yes, there has been a contest to see who can created the most furr-tastic celebrity look-alike? (The winner is here.) And, there’s even people who make jewelry out of cat fur … for men even.

My colleagues have said it all, so here are some links to their observations on this auspicious occasion.

Ingrid King at the Conscious Cat is giving away a Furminator — for those of you who have not experienced its extreme deshedding abilities.

Robin A.F. Olson, who knows what it’s like to be Covered in Cat Hair, stresses that a species-appropriate diet is key in preventing hairballs.

Paws and Effect’s JaneA Kelly demonstrates the amazing powers of the Furminator in a video titled, “Furmination Day.”

Stanley, from the Catalyst Council shares his secrets to successful hairball yacking.

Dr. Marty Becker gives us some tips on hairball prevention.

As for me, I just want to keep Pulitzer still enough to make a dent in his shedding — using my Furminator, of course. Keep the vacuum cleaner handy.