January 31, 2023

Woman’s “F— This Dog” Facebook Post Leads to Animal Cruelty Charges

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A Colorado woman’s Facebook post, threatening to shoot her dog with a taser and bb gun until someone paid her $50 to take the dog away, led to animal cruelty charges after a friend reported her to Aurora Police.

“$50 bucks and you can have this damn pitt. imma keep shooting her with this taser and b-b gun ’til she’s gone… F— this dog,” the post read.

After learning of the threats, Aurora police visited Cherica Winston’s home to investigate.

While they didn’t find Winston carrying out the threats she’d made over social media, they did find enough evidence of cruelty and neglect to remove the dog from her care.

“A small dog, located in a small crate, the dog was all by itself,  no type food or water,” Aurora police Sgt. Chris Amsler said. “There was an awful smell. … The animal had been peeing in the crate and was soaked in the urine.”

The dog is now in the care of the Aurora Animal Shelter where she’s recovering from neglect.

“This is a great example of how a group of people saw something that concerned them, told us and we were able to get successful resolution,” Amsler said.

Once she’s recovered, the dog is expected to be placed for adoption through the shelter.

Winston is set to appear in court on October 27.


[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/womans-f-this-dog-facebook-post-leads-to-animal-cruelty-charges/]