January 31, 2023

What is best for cats wet or dry food ?

What is best for cats wet or dry food ?

The question ‘ What is best for cats wet or dry food ‘ is asked by almost all cat owners. You will here many different opinions on whether you should feed you cat either wet or dry food. Some say that wet food is bad for your cats teeth, others believe dry food is bad for your cats internal organs due to a lack of moisture. What is the best cat food? There is no right or wrong answer. Cats can enjoy a nutritionally rich diet using either wet or dry food. Your choice should be based on your circumstances.
 What is best for cats wet or dry food ?
Many say that you should feed your cat wet food because dry food contains only protein meal or carbohydrate fillers as a source of energy. This is not true; there are many top quality food brands in the market which contain a good source of protein.

Likewise the negative effects of wet food on your cat’s teeth should not be an issue providing you monitor and look after your cats teeth.
If you are not around much during the day then dry maybe the best cat food for your circumstances. If wet food is left out for more than 30 minutes it can attract flies. This is not hygienic and could lead to your cat getting sick.

It is also key to note that cats like to eat their food at room temperature. Canned food straight from the fridge may upset your cat’s stomach; likewise hot food is not natural to them.

It is also important to consider making home made cat recipes, this can have huge benefits to your cats health and may not be as time consuming and costly as you may think. Click Here! for more information.

We personally choose to feed our cat’s dry food. Cats do not like to eat in one big sitting; ideally they will eat up to 15 small portions a day. This suits dry food more than wet food. Cats also enjoy eating their food at room temperature which again suits dry food. We choose to supplement our cats dry diet with our own food i.e. cooked chicken, fish and meat on the odd occasion.

Providing you supply your cat with a good quality cat food it most likely will not matter if you give them wet or dry.

It is important to remember that cats require water in their diet. This is something they lack from dry food. You should always give your cat access to a fresh supply of water.

 What is best for cats wet or dry food ?