January 30, 2023

VIDEO: What Your Dog is Desperately Trying to Tell You!

scareddogEven though our dogs can’t explain to us with words how they’re feeling, they certainly have a lot to say! As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to know how your dog is feeling and, most importantly, to make sure they’re happy!

By understanding your dog’s (sometimes subtle) body language, you’ll know if he/she is happy, sad, scared, or uncomfortable, and can respond accordingly.

Next time you’re playing with your dog, pay close attention to the way his ears are laying on his head, the position he holds his body in, the way his tail wags. Likewise, take a moment to relax with your dog, give her a gentle massage while paying attention to how her face, ears, and body look when relaxed. When you fully understand your dog’s relaxed and/or playful body language, it becomes easy to tell when they aren’t relaxed or playful, giving you an opportunity to remove your dog from an uncomfortable situation before it escalates.

The video below provides an excellent starting point for understanding what your dog is trying to tell you – now it’s your job to listen!

To find more videos and tips for understanding your dog, visit The Family Dog on Youtube.

[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/video-what-your-dog-is-desperately-trying-to-tell-you/]