February 1, 2023

VIDEO: People Reading Mean Tweets About Their Dog’s Breed

For some reason, people find comfort in posting 140-character insults about people, places, things, and yes, even dog breeds to Twitter.

We’ve all seen Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious segment, “Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets,” where stars read aloud some of the rude, insulting, and sometimes downright cruel things posted about them to Twitter. And, honestly… it’s downright hilarious (and all in good fun)!

Watch what happens when dog owners read some of the mean tweets written about their own special breed, from our friends at Higgins Would Be Proud.

Not everyone loves dogs, but those of us that do need to stick together – and have a good laugh.

[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/video-people-reading-mean-tweets-about-their-dogs-breed/]