January 28, 2023

VIDEO: Dog Helps Save Baby Dolphin in Danger

A little dog named Leia is credited with saving a baby dolphin’s life when she discovered him stranded on a beach in Wales and alerted her owner.

YouTuber, Criccieth Life, was at the beach Bass fishing and photographing the gorgeous scenery when his dog began barking frantically.

“I heard my dog barking at me from further down the beach….clearly she had found something!” he explained.

Upon further inspection, he found a baby dolphin, or possibly a juvenile harbor porpoise, stranded on the beach. With no one around for miles, he gently guided the baby safely back into the water.

“And, if it wasn’t for my dog barking at me I would have missed him too!” the good Samaritan said.

[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/video-dog-helps-save-baby-dolphin-in-danger/]