January 28, 2023

Tramps Paw cat bed review

tramps bed

Looked like a giant paw, the Tramps Paw cat bed features a non-slip base, back support with three faux suede pads and is machine washable. It measures 55cm x 55cm x 26cm.

When we first saw the Tramps Paw bed, we initially thought it was fairly large for a cat, and not easy to tuck away into a corner or under a radiator. However, it would be great for larger breeds or multi-cat households.

It has been an instant hit with 12-year-old kitty Pom Pom, who is quite a big girl. She fills it quite nicely.

It wouldn’t be great for smaller cats, however, as tiny 13-week-old kitten Rupert hasn’t showed an interest at all — preferring other beds that are a bit more snug.

The bed seems to be beautifully made and looks and feels high quality. It’s chunky, quite heavy and looks like it could stand the test of time. It looks and feels expensive but is actually a very reasonable £39.99 — which is definitely worth it for the quality.

cat and Tramps Paw cat bed

The colour is perfect, as it won’t show up the dirt from muddy paws or any stray hairs, although its label says it can be washed at 30 degrees when it eventually needs to be.

The cuddly paw design is lovely, as is the diamante detail on the logo. Unfortunately the logo features a dog and not a cat — Pom Pom doesn’t seem to mind though!

It doesn’t slip or slide everywhere thanks to its weight and non-slip base, which is a big bonus.

Overall, despite it being rather large in size, Pom Pom really likes it and so we’d recommend it for homes with bigger cats who can allow for it to take up a bit of room.