January 30, 2023

Tips For Reptile Diseazes

Tips For Reptile Diseazes

Tips For Reptile Diseazes

People who keep pet reptiles usually do not realize when their pets suffer from some ailment. By the time they realize and take it to the vet, the disease reaches the advanced stage.

Let us have a glace at some of the diseases which are common in pets:

Septicemia- As the reptiles have a moist skin, due to the presence of mucus membranes, they often suffer from septicemia. Mucus presence leads to Septicemia.

Chelonia�This disease is generally found in terrapins, box tortoises and tortoises. They require higher humidity and higher temperatures, a carnivorous diet and ample supply of water where they can bathe to their hearts content.

Viral diseases- The tortoises of the Mediterranean region usually suffer from Rhinitis or running nose. A thick watery discharge is seen along with diarrhea. These diseases cannot be treated; it further deteriorates into anemia and jaundice which further results in renal failure causing death. Thus viral disease is a deadly one for tortoise.

Bacterial diseases- This disease usually gives rise to thick abscess filled with pus. Treatment of Bacterial diseases is rather difficult. Abscesses are formed in the ear blocking the tympanic membrane and the Eustachian tube. When these infected reptiles go for hibernation stomatitis causes their mouth to rot.

Parasites-Thee parasites are manifested in the intestines which cause diahorrea. Worms or larva is also imbedded in the intestines. thus parasites can be treated with metronidazole

Bacterial infections in snakes. – This disease is more common in snakes which are kept in captivity. And the main reason for it is poor and unhygienic living conditions this disease is associated with sores in the inner or the ventral scales of the snake. They are caused if the terrarium where they are kept is too damp. Larvae start lodging themselves in the damp skin and eventually penetrate the skin.

Burns- When the snakes want to have their own body temperature they crawl to surfaces which are warm, they do not realize the intensity of the temperature especially if they are resting on ceramic heaters. This can cause burns which may become irreparable and may even cause the death of the reptile.

Dysecdysis- It is commonly referred to as shedding of the skin is a normal aspect of its growth. The snake usually casts off the entire skin starting from the dorsum. It usually rubs itself against some rough surface to initiate shedding.

Besides these there are nutritional disorders too. But the point is that when we have decided to have them as pets it becomes our moral duty to look after them and keep them hale and hearty.