February 3, 2023

Tips For Keep Your Dog Safe During Fireworks

5 Top Tips for Pet Safety On July 4

We’ve created this handy infographic to help owners keep their replique montre iwcdogs safe during 4th of July fireworks (these tips apply to New Years fireworks and any other situations involving fireworks as well).

With so many dogs terrified of fireworks, 4th of July can be a frightening time for pups everywhere. In fact, July 5th is often the busiest day of the year at animal shelters, as pets run off from home in fear, found lost and confused the next day.

Share this infographic to spread the word and keep canines safe this 4th!

Dog Fireworks Infographic

[Source : http://thebark.com/content/5-ways-keep-your-dog-safe-during-fireworks]