January 28, 2023

The Miaufinder cat-locating device : help you locate your cat

Being avid explorers, cats go missing often and can’t always be easily found. Stuck in someone’s garage? Taking up temporary residency in your neighbour’s house? Taking a break in a shed? Hiding in a newly found cosy area in the attic? Hunting mice in the fields? Whatever the case may be, Miaufinder has you covered. This simple and easy-to-use device can help you locate your cat.

As a cat owner, you know that your cat loves to go on adventures, whether it be inside or outside. Like all cat owners, you’d like the reassurance that your cat is safe, wherever he may be.

A transmitter is easily attached to the cat collar, and you can start searching for your cat with the supplied receiver. It will display the location of your cat down to the centimetre; unlike other GPS-controlled devices, Miaufinder uses radio waves and has a range of up to 1500 metres. There are no extra monthly fees included — it’s completely free to use.

The device also shows you the temperature of the surrounding area where your cat is located — this is especially helpful if you want to know whether your cat is warm and cosy inside, or sitting outside in the cold. Whatever the case, Miaufinder will help you locate your kitty and establish the temperature nearby.