January 28, 2023

Teach your Dog to High Five!


You’ve mastered sit, stay and heel, right? Now you’re ready to move on to some of the cool doggy tricks to show off to your friends! Teaching your dog to give a high five is easier than you think!

There are a few different methods you can try, but we found this one to be the simplest. With a little time, patience and persistence, your pup will be high-fiving all your friends in no time!

All you need is a quiet area free from distractions and some small training treats.

  1. Have your dog sit on the floor. Sit on the floor facing him, close enough that he’ll be able to touch you with his paw.
  2. Place one of the training treats in the palm of your hand and make a fist. Hold your hand, palm down, under your dog’s nose a few inches away from his face. Your dog may smell the treats and paw at your hand.
  3. Each time your pup paws at your hand for the treat, reward him by giving the treat to him. Repeat this until your dog consistently touches your hand for the treat.
  4. Try moving your hand slightly to the side. Make sure he will still reach up and touch your hand for the treat. If he does this consistently, you’re ready to move on to the next step!
  5. Open your hand in the high-five position, facing your dog, and raise it in front of him. Each time your dog touches your hand, reward him with a treat.
  6. Repeat this and continue rewarding your dog for touching your open palm, and now add the verbal cue, “high five!” each time he touches your hand.
  7. Keep practicing and reward your dog along with the verbal cue until he does the behavior consistently.
  8. Now try giving him the verbal cue while raising your palm and see if he will give you a high five…

Keep practicing.

Congratulations! Now you can celebrate with your buddy and he won’t ever leave you hanging!

Check out this video of a pup learning how to high five!

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