January 30, 2023

Taking Care of the Dolphin Family


What’s the secret to an amazing, memorable swimming-with-the-dolphins encounter? Happy and healthy dolphins, of course! Like humans and other mammals, dolphins can become ill or stressed. They also should have regular checkups to make sure they’re doing well. Fortunately, dolphins that live in captivity have the benefit of modern medicine to cure what ails them and to prevent future problems. And at our Swim with Dolphins Bahamas facilities, we take this hard work seriously to experience the rewards.

The discipline of taking care of dolphins and other mammals is known as animal husbandry, and it involves a surprisingly rigorous schedule of preventive and diagnostic procedures. Venues that offer opportunities to swim with dolphins in the Bahamas typically employ individuals with backgrounds in zoology, who are specially trained in dolphin health. Bahamas Dolphin Encounters of Nassu and Freeport also employ a team of trainers who are adept at communicating with the dolphins and teaching them behaviors that help their caregivers keep them healthy.