January 28, 2023

Take time To Play With Your Pets

Play with pets when you get home from school

  • Spending time playing with pets keeps them happy and healthy.  Photo by Anna Issakova/iStockphoto

Play with pets every day when you get home. Spending time playing with pets keeps them happy and healthy.Now that you’re back in school, you’re furry friends may be missing you.

Dog days

Choose toys that are appropriate for your dog’s size. Balls and toys that are broken or too small can become a choking hazard for pets. Throw away toys that start to break into pieces or are torn.Play a game of fetch with your dog, or take him for walks on a leash.

Fun for cats

Unless your cat walks outdoors on a harness, skip the outside play. Cats are safest when indoors, and your home can become a playground for your cats! It can be as easy as tossing a crumpled ball of paper for her to chase. She may even bring it back to you.

You might also try throwing a ping pong ball into a dry bathtub. Some cats will love batting it around on the smooth surface.

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