January 28, 2023

Swim With Dolphins Bahamas Sites For Everyone


Humans love dolphins, and the love affair between the two shows no signs of slowing down, subsiding, or stopping. Bahamas dolphins are known to be friendly, social, and exceedingly smart creatures. For centuries, we have yearned to study dolphins, the mystery surrounding their advanced evolution and habits fresh in our minds. They are the smartest creatures of the sea, and arguably some of the smartest on the planet.

There are ample opportunities to swim with dolphins. Bahamas vacationers are presented with many of these opportunities the first time they set foot onto a beach or take a visit to one of the commonwealth’s two main ports – Nassau and Freeport. If you are planning a trip to the Bahamas, we here at Swim With Dolphins Bahamas would love to tell you all about our fun Bahamas dolphin encounters.

Get Personal With The Bahamas Dolphin In The Blue Lagoon

Located in Nassau, the city’s largest city and chief port, our Blue Lagoon sanctuary is the perfect place for anyone to get up close with real live, and real happy, Bahamas dolphin pods. Our dolphins are well trained and well taken care of which ensures a delightful day for any family with a desire to swim, nuzzle up to, or steal a kiss from one of these magical creatures.

After a short one hour presentation on dolphin anatomy, habits, and behavior, you and your family will be invited to jump into the pool to swim with dolphins. Bahamas dolphin swim packages are for everyone, the old to the young, and everyone in between. Whether you lovedFree Willyor grew up withFlipper, we have the best packages and the right prices to get you into the water and enjoying your experience as you swim with dolphins Bahamas style.

Swim With Dolphins: Bahamas Dolphins In Their Natural Habitat

For an authentic Bahamas dolphin encounter, nothing beats our Open Ocean Dolphin Experience. It is the only package of its kind in the commonwealth and it actually gets you right up close to Bahamas dolphin pods in their natural surroundings.

Our boat will whisk you and your party away from our sanctuary, followed by our loyal and friendly group of dolphins. Once the boat stops, our guides will show you everything you need to know to interact and swim with Bahamas dolphins in their natural habitat. There is no better way to interact with a dolphin than on their turf.

Swim With Dolphins: Bahamas Diving

If you are looking to forge a deep connection with a Bahamas dolphin, nothing beats this package. At Swim With Dolphins Bahamas, we are the only firm that gives you the option to actually scuba dive near dolphins.

Our educated and skilled instructors will coach you through everything you will need to know to effectively communicate with our team of specially trained dolphins in an underwater setting. It is one of the most spectacular ways to swim with dolphins in Bahamas.