January 30, 2023

START NOW: To Help Your Dog Overcome a Fear of Fireworks

For many, New Years and Independence Day are some of the best days of the year: backyard barbecues, parades, and amazing fireworks displays to ring in the start of a fabulous new year or celebrate our nation’s independence.

But for many pet parents, these are the most dreaded days of the year.

For those of us with fearful dogs, the evening is often spent comforting a panicked pooch from the first crackle to the grand finale. We use Thundershirts, essential oils, soothing music, and more to calm our stressed out dogs, often only finding relief when the explosions finally die down.

Instead of just dreading the big day, why not start to prepare now?

Certified professional dog trainer and animal behavior consultant, Ann Waterbury of New Dawn Animal Behavior Center explains how to help prepare your dog for fireworks:

“To prepare for fireworks season….check out this YouTube video with fireworks sounds. Play at a low volume while your dogs eats or does anything they LOVE to do. Repeat every other day, very gradually increasing the volume while pairing with something awesome for your dog. The idea is to desensitize your dog. If your dogs shows any signs of stress….than the volume is up to high or your session is too long. Keep it short and happy!!!!”

Start today! Go slowly and keep your sessions short. This is very important as moving too quickly can actually make your dog’s fear of fireworks worse. Just take your time and make sure your dog is having a blast while the video plays quietly in the background.

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[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/overcome-fear-of-fireworks-video/]