February 3, 2023

Seeing is believing: One dog’s success story

Nola Collins’ dog Dylan was slowing down, having difficulty walking and going up and down stairs due to joint pain. Being able to run and play were out of the question. Just walking down the street took a great effort that left the dog panting, and he was clearly experiencing discomfort in his hips with every step.
Then, on the advice of veterinarian Dr. Brian Beale, Nola started giving Dylan Antinol and the improvement was noticeable and fast. After just a few weeks on four pills a day — two in the morning and two in the evening — Dylan was acting like an entirely different dog. Here’s a look at Dylan, before and after Antinol.

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Nola told Dr. Beale, “He is obviously improved. As you can see, even walking seemed to hurt. His running again is a joy to behold. He is also negotiating the three steps in and out of the motorhome very well. And, of course, his hips just get stronger and better every day.”

Dr. Beale has been evaluating this new approach to dealing with joint discomfort in dogs. Antinol, which became available in the United States earlier this year, is a 100 percent natural alternative to other supplements, and has no known side effects.

Cesar has been testing it on his pack and has seen a difference in the older dogs. Their mobility has increased and they are more active than they have been in years.

The active ingredient in Antinol, PCSO-524, is derived by a unique patented process from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, and its effectiveness is backed up by many scientific studies. These studies show how you can expect to see the results from Antinol in 90 percent of dogs within 10 days.

Your dog may be experiencing joint pain if she seems to have difficulty doing any of the following:

  • Jumping into the car, or up onto a bed or sofa
  • Walking or running
  • Going up or down stairs
  • Chasing a ball or playing with toys or other dogs
  • Standing up after sleeping or lying down

He may also be experiencing symptoms of joint pain if there’s a sudden drop in energy levels, a change in sleeping habits, or his coat loses its shine.

If your dog is experiencing joint pain or discomfort, discover what Nola and countless other dog owners have and try VetzPetz Antinol today. The results will surprise you.

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