March 21, 2023

Rise of Dehydration, Heat Stroke, and Burn Related Claims in July

We have seen a spike in temperature over the last few years across US and Canada during the summer months. It is no surprise this heat wave has negatively impacted us as well as our pets. According to, “Over 120 Million People in the United States will see the temperature climb above 95 degrees during this week.” Since the heat continues to increase, Trupanion has seen an influx over the past two years, in dehydration, burn and heat-related claims during the month of July.

Dehydration, Heat-Stroke, and Burn-Related Claims spike during the month of July


Stay Hydrated

Dehydration claims have seen a significant jump the past two years going from $4,833.39 of claims paid in July of 2016 to tripling the following year resulting in a $16,020.20 payout in claims for dehydration. According to Trupanion claims specialist, Sarah Kroll, “Signs of dehydration can include lack of skin elasticity, dry gums, sunken eyes, lack or an abundance of urination, and lethargy.

Protect Pet’s Skin

Burn-related claims have leveled out over the past few years going from $1,625.97 in 2016 to $1,176.56 in 2017. Burn related claims could be a direct result from a BBQ or grilling accident or severe direct time in the sun. Safety is a top priority when grilling this holiday season. Additionally always remember to apply sunscreen/balm to yourself and your furry companion.

Heat-Stroke and the Sun

Heat-stroke related claims have paid out over $14,670.23 in July 2016 and have seen a decrease of $7,764.37 payout in July of 2017. This decrease in claims payout shows that although pets are not suffering from heat stroke, they are still not receiving enough water when they are in the sun. Ottawa Festivals are preparing for the impact of heat during their Canada Day festivals. According to, “This year we have brought in misting stations so people can walk through them and get cooled off” Take the time to cool off in the shade with a glass of water with your pet.

Heat-Stroke, burn, and dehydration related claims make up 56% of medical claims Trupanion sees during the month of July. These conditions make up the largest percentage of claims during this summer month. When spending time with your pets outside, take the time to rest, hydrate, and take the time to cool off and seek veterinary care if needed.