January 28, 2023

Purrfect Products for Your Cat

  • The market for new cat products is continuously evolving as people think up better and better ways to entertain, care for and bond with their cat. Here are a few of the latest feline trends that can improve the way you live life with your best furry pal.


    Cats love hanging out in high places, along with the challenge of getting to them. With the Pyramid, your feline has a hanging enclosure that offers it a safe place to swing around or take a rest. The Pyramid can hold up to 30 pounds of weight and is reinforced with a flexible, lightweight frame. It comes with a fleece pad that is machine washable.


    Think of the Catnip Cave as a scratch-and-sniff sticker, but for your feline. With each rub, crinkle and scratch of the paper bag, the scent of catnip is released. The catnip/bag combination is sure to entertain your frisky kitty.


    If your furball sheds more than you ever thought possible, it might be time to give the ShedMonster a try. It removes loose fur from the undercoat without yanking on your feline’s skin, and works out mats and tangles. Available in stores and online, check out great user reviews of the ShedMonster by clicking here.

  • Meow Mix CatstarterSM  

    Cats have done a lot for the Internet, so Meow Mix is returning the favor. Check out Meow Mix CatstarterSM  to help us create new technology to bring you and your cat closer together. Back your favorite cat projects — we’ll make the most popular one and you can win it! 




    Keep your kitty playing and pouncing with the Glide ‘n Seek. The battery-operated toy has peekaboo holes that reveal a feather as it bounces, spins and jumps around unpredictably. Your cat will be on the hunt for where the feather pops up next. 


    Cats love boxes, so why not combine them with a way to keep their nails trim? That’s what the Scratch-N-TV is all about. Watch your cat scratch and lounge in this inexpensive, eco-friendly product. Not only will it reduce your cat’s boredom, but you’ll also get to tune in to a new performance every day.

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    Nobody likes scooping waste from the litter box, but the PoogoStick makes this chore less of a tedious task. It’s designed to lift up clumps easily without leaving a mess behind. It combs through your cat’s litter box, and then shoots the poop into a receptacle that you can easily line with a plastic bag. There’s also no need for you to bend over, as the scooping can be accomplished while standing!