December 1, 2022

Protein for Your Dog

Protein for Your Dog

During dogs’ life, protein is extremely important. Protein made up of amino acids, which are often described as “the building blocks of protein”. It is an essential nutrient in a complete and balanced dog food and some dogs may require higher amounts of protein in their diet.

If the dog lacks of protein, they may have amny signs, like depressed appetite, poor growth, rough and dull coat and a compromised immune system.

High-Protein Dietary Needs

Puppies, senior dogs and dogs that are on weight loss programs can benefit from higher protein formulas.

Our Puppy formulas contain all the body building nutrients that are required for growth and development.

Several studies, including our own research, shows that increasing the amount of protein in the diet of overweight dogs will help facilitate the loss of excess fat while maintaining lean body mass. Foods with increased protein also help dogs burn more calories.

Senior dogs require increased dietary protein in order to maintain lean body mass. We formulate our senior dog foods to contain more dietary protein (compared to adult maintenance formulas) in order to ensure that your dog gets the appropriate levels of nutritious protein he needs.

The first year of life is critical for a puppy’s development. At certain times during growth and development, a puppy requires up to twice the amount of some nutrients, including Protein of that of an adult dog.

If you think your dog may benefit from a diet containing increased dietary protein, consult your veterinarian for advice and options.