February 1, 2023

Product Review: The Vertical Cat’s Sisal Scratcher

Product Review: The Vertical Cat’s Sisal Scratcher

The Vertical Cat is one of the first companies to create a gold standard for catification success. It can creat the  ultimate cat super-highway with its wall-hung units and cubbies, a multitude of configurations.

I first saw their products at a local cat rescue organization, Branford Compassion Club. A deceased member had left a generous bequest that was used to purchase and install the units in the main cat room. They are painted white against the blue walls, giving the impression that the cats are indeed prowling among the clouds. It goes without saying that the cats enjoy the set-up.

Also, the Vertical Cat has started making sisal scratching posts and we had the chance to check one out.

The Vertical Cat offers them in 2-1/2-foot and 3-foot heights, and there’s even one that’s 40 inches. They’re also offered with a perch or cat bed or amp in various finishes. Custom sizes can also be crafted.

You should keep in mind that your cat needs to stretch to get the full benefit when choosing a vertical scratcher. It also goes without saying that a post – or a cat condo or tree – must be sturdy. Too many times I’ve gone into a store where they rocked easily. It’s worth spending a few extra bucks on something where your cat will spend a lot of time.

Scratching is integral to cat behavior. It is possible to find a scratcher/cat perch/kitty condo that is attractive as well as utilitarian. You can’t expect a cat to use a scratcher that’s hiding in an upstairs bedroom, so placement is important. A cat can’t be expected to use a scratcher that’s stuck in a dark, lonely corner. I originally placed ours in the playroom overlooking the driveway. It’s high up and the cats often hang out there when the window is open. It was used very little and that was probably because we spend more time in the living room.

So I moved the scratcher to the living room. It’s in front of a window where it overlooks the back yard on one side and the full length of the living room on the other. It’s definitely used much more in this location. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it more if spring ever arrives and the windows are open again.

At 36 inches tall, the scratcher allows for a full feline stretch. It’s sturdy enough to accommodate those flying leaps and stays put when it’s used. Enclosed on three sides, the platform is nicely carpeted and big enough for a bed if your cat isn’t the type that’ll kick it off.

Cats need vertical space as well as horizontal, something that’s especially important in a multiple cat family. Kitchen counters, window skills, bureaus, and of course scratchers, condos and trees are all fair game for enhancing their windows on the world.