January 30, 2023

Product review: Sleepypod

The Sleepypod is well made and attractive.

The Sleepypod is well made and attractive.

From time to time, we receive swell things to review, and our three product testers look forward to conducting their investigations.

The Sleepypod pet carrier arrived in a box that generated as much interest among the test kitties as the bed/carrier itself.

Our blue Sleepypod is nicely designed and made of luggage-grade materials. It’s sturdy, and very attractive. The bowl-shaped top of reinforced mesh is zipped into the round base, which can double as a snug bed. It zips opens conveniently across the top, making it easy to place the kitty inside the carrier. The top easily collapses, then pops up to zip her inside.

A clip inside can be used to secure a harness so she can look out with the top unzipped while remaining secure.

A strap across the top adds extra security and doubles as a handle.

The bed section is lined with plush faux fur over a foam base that zips out for cleaning. There’s also compartment for a warming kit,

Pully hanging out in the Sleepypod.

Pully hanging out in the Sleepypod.

which can be purchased separately. For warm weather, there’s the Air Mesh Hammock that can be zipped into the base and is suspended above the bottom. All very comfy.

Manipulating all the zippers at first can be a bit tricky and a little awkward, but expertise comes with practice.

Mollie peeks out.

Mollie peeks out.

I took Mollie to a local Blessing of the Animals event and she did piddle in the carrier; it was outside and a bit rainy, so I’m sure she was rather stressed. Fortunately, the furry cover was easily laundered and the base to which it’s zipped is waterproof. The challenge was zipping the cover back on to the base. (Oh, and she quickly forgave me for uprooting her.

She did well during another presentation I made and seemed really comfortable even with the top zipped open.

As far as the other cats are concerned, Pulitzer likes sleeping in the open bed and Tekla is reserving judgement.

Unlike many carriers, the Sleepypod is designed to be strapped in the car using conventional safety belts. That’s a good thing in light of the recent push to better secure pets within cars. Belting the carrier into the back seat of my own two-door car was not difficult.

Because the Sleepypod is so well made, it’s a bit heavy, and the round size makes it awkward to carry – my cats aren’t all that huge – even with its long, wide strap. But I’m short and someone who is taller may not have that problem.

Two sizes are available, one with a 16-inch base and one with a 12-inch base.

I would definitely recommend the Sleepypod for long road trips (the company also has some cool travel accessories in addition to the heater.) But it might be awkward for the backing and forthing of short local trips when the kitty is in and out of the carrier and car.

A better alterative for local schlepping would be the Sleepypod “Air,” made specifically for under-seat storage on planes. It can be expanded once it’s in place to add to the comfort of your pet. It’s also the only pet carrier that’s been crash tested. The company is working on a bike carrier for the Sleepypod Air.

Sleepypods do not come cheap; they range in price from $99 to $179, plus the accessories. However, they do seem like a worth investment if you plan on doing some serious traveling with your cat or small dog. For more information and to check out other Sleepypod products, click here.