January 30, 2023

Police Search for Burglars Accused of Animal Cruelty During Break-In

Police in Freemont, California are searching for two men accused of committing an intentional act of animal cruelty during a home invasion.

The pair were captured on home surveillance video smashing a sliding glass door and throwing dog food and treats into the broken glass.

Marlie, the homeowner’s black Lab, apparently ate the food and treats, along with broken glass, and suffered injuries to his mouth. His veterinarian believes he may have also passed a few of the shards.

Police report an increase in these types of burglaries, as many home security systems are only activated if a door or window is opened, not if it is broken and climbed through.

If found the pair face animal cruelty charges in addition to burglary.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Freemont Police.

[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/police-search-for-burglars-accused-of-animal-cruelty-during-break-in/]