February 3, 2023

Poisoned Hot Dogs Scattered Around Illinois Residences

(Facebook/Mel Dziedzic)
(Facebook/Mel Dziedzic)

A Des Plaines, Illinois woman was walking her dog near downtown when she spotted several hot dogs injected with a bluish-green substance scattered around the front lawn of a condominium residence.

She gathered up the hot dogs and took them to her vet who confirmed the substance was rat poison.

Mel Dziedzic, who works at Riser Animal Hospital in Skokie, posted a photo of the hot dogs on Facebook to warn others about the incident.

Today a client brought in these pieces of hot dog that were placed around front lawns in Des Plaines. They are hot dogs that have been injected with rat poison. Everybody knows that you do not need to put rat poison in hot dogs for rats to eat it. It pains me to say it, but the creep that put these out was trying to harm dogs. PLEASE be careful when walking your pets. Dogs pick up so many things before we can even catch them, so just please remember that people are horrible and that the outside ground unfortunately cannot always be trusted. PLEASE SHARE IF YOU LIVE IN CHICAGO OR SURROUNDING SUBURBS.

Police currently have no leads, but are urging pet parents to be careful when walking their dogs.

As a general rule of thumb, and because there are heartless, cruel, and dangerous humans in every city, always closely monitor your dogs outside, even in your own backyard.

[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/poisoned-hot-dogs-scattered-around-illinois-residences/]