February 1, 2023

Pet Insurance May Be Your Safeguard


Unfortunately, many pets owners are unable to meet the costs associated with treatment and sadly have to elect to have dog euthanized.

Many pet owners are prepared for the costs of annual vaccinations, worming and regular flea treatments, but never expect to end up in emergency after  their dog has been involved in an accident, ingested a toxin or come down with a sudden illness.

Pet insurance may be your safeguard against this and can help take the pressure of high and unexpected veterinary bills.There are no government subsidies or Medicare payments to help pay for treatments of animals.

When deciding on which pet insurance policy is best suited to you, some factors that you should consider include:

Cost of monthly premium
Type of cover it provides (accident, illness, comprehensive)
The annual limit on claims
How much is the excess? i.e. how much you will pay out of your own pocket
What extras are included (e.g. boarding fees, flea, tick, heartworm control)
The age limit on joining. Older dogs maybe considered a higher risk and some insurers will not insure pets over the age of 8 or 9.

We recommend that you research the options out there, including reading the Policy Disclosure Documents and speaking with other dog owners you may know about their experiences to find a policy that best suits you and your dogs needs.