January 31, 2023

Officer Responds to Vicious Pit Bull Call, Gets Hugs Kisses Instead of Attacked

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When Forth Worth Police received a call about an aggressive Pit Bull on the loose last night in the West Division of Fort Worth, Texas, they dispatched to the scene with very little information and not sure what to expect.

What they found wasn’t an aggressive dog at all, just a friendly family dog who’d somehow gotten lost.

When police arrived, the dog walked right up to responding officers looking for love and attention. Thankfully, the officers responded to the approaching Pit Bull appropriately, evaluated his body language and quickly realized he was not a threat.

Police took the dog to a local 24-hour emergency veterinarian who scanned and found a microchip and were able to contact the dog’s owner and reunite their family member.

Image via Fort Worth Police.

[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/officer-responds-to-vicious-pit-bull-call-gets-hugs-kisses-instead-of-attacked/]