January 28, 2023

New York’s governor signs bill promoting adoption of dogs and cats used in research

Brian Shapiro, New York state director for The Humane Society of the United States, said:

“Federal law regulates the care and use of research animals while they are in the laboratory but does not offer any protection once the research project ends. We’re pleased that New York state has made this important move to promote the adoption of dogs and cats formerly used for research. This law will bring untold happiness to these animals and the families who adopt them.”

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed the Research Animal Retirement Act into law, requiring state-funded research facilities to offer dogs and cats to animal shelters and rescue groups, or to manage their own adoption programs when animals are no longer used for research.

In June, both houses of the legislature unanimously passed S.98a / A.8261a, which was sponsored by State Sen. Philip M. Boyle, R-Bay Shore, and Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal, D- Manhattan.