February 3, 2023

New Ways To Pamper Your Pet


New Ways To Pamper Your PetFor many many years, the primary consumers of technology and gadgets have been human beings. However, entrepreneurs have recently taken a four-legged approach to their newest inventions. Take Petzi, for example. This treat-filled gadget allows owners to virtually treat their pets at home anytime, anywhere from their mobile device.

Lost your dog? There’s an app for that. Apps,websites, gadgets and businesses catering to our furry and feathered friends have become more and more popular among pet owners. According to the American Pet Products Association, there has been a 67 percent increase in pet-related spending on goods and services since 2005.

Keeping up with the digital times, owning a pet has gotten easier, while pets themselves receive five-star treatment. Take a look at some of the more recent technology creating a buzz in the pet-lovers’ community.

1. Finding Rover
Finding Rover has Find My iPhone users wagging their tails. Users can register their dog in the app’s database by creating a profile with their contact information and a picture of their pooch. If someone finds your dog, they snap a picture. The app then uses facial recognition technology to help identify the pet and return it to you.

2. Wag!
Uber has gone to the dogs. Yes, really. Trained and certified dog walkers sign up on Wag! to provide walking services every day of the week. The app allows you to scroll through the profiles of all dog walkers in the area and choose which person is the perfect fit. Owners can also track their pets while out with the dog walker on the app’s GPS map. Report cards are then given out at the end of each walk with the distance and duration covered, plus a photo.

3. Rover.com
It’s care.com but for your pet! Rover.com lets pet owners search for dog sitters in the area. Meet-and-greets with the sitter, owner and pet are scheduled through the website, and all payments are paperless. Owners can sleep soundly with included premium insurance, 24/7 emergency support and photo updates. It’s like your dog’s own personal Instagram.

4. iFetch
Gone are the days of throwing a stick. In fact, gone are the days of throwing. With iFetch, dogs can play the game of fetch all by themselves. This shrunken pitching machine launches mini tennis balls for your dog to retrieve, resulting in endless hours of entertainment for your furry friend… and, let’s admit, for yourself.

5. DogTown USA
Taking your dog to the kennel has never been more luxurious. This three-in-one Florida business provides doggy daycare, spa and boarding services. Owners can choose from grooming or teeth-cleaning options as well as fitness plans to help keep their pet in shape. The facility offers treadmills, swimming classes, playground time and webcams so owners can ensure their pet is safe and happy.