January 28, 2023

You Need to Know About Dog Grooming

You Need to Know About Dog Grooming

Let’s face it. Your dog will never, ever smell the same way as you. That’s a fact. Dogs have their own distinctive smell. But that does  not have to mean the dreaded “doggy smell“, does it? Actually, it’s a little insulting to even call that sort of wet, dirty sock scent the doggy smell. After all, dogs that are properly cleaned and groomed do not smell like that at all.

Therefore, if you want your dog not to stink, then good grooming habits are a must. Thankfully, you only need two active participants to make that happen- you and your dog.
You Need to Know About Dog Grooming
What do you need to know about dog grooming?
1. It helps to have an early start

The best way to establish good grooming habits is to start as early as possible in the dog’s life. Starting early means you establish a regular and comfortable routine sooner as well.

Groom daily – brush, comb, clip.
Follow the dog’s natural hair lines when brushing or combing. Start at the head leading to the tail.
To keep the coat healthy, make sure you remove all dead and pesky matted hair.
Brush and comb before every bath. Dead, matted and tangled hair gets worse if not taken care of before bathing.
Praise the dog for good behavior.
Gradually increase the length of time spent on grooming to teach your dog patience.

The pet needs to understand that your ministrations will not hurt him. So take care of his ears, nails and teeth early. This helps condition him to the routine and he’ll learn to accept it without question. And when he manages to do what needs to be done, do not scrimp on the treat.

There are a lot of excellent and affordable dog grooming products available, whether online or in actual physical stores. Stock up on brushes, combs, shedding tools, scissors and nail clippers.

2. Know the right shampoo to use

Just like humans have different hair types, dogs have different types of coats, too. Instead of simply buying the brand that smells best or costs less, take your pet to the vet and discuss what the best shampoo is for your dog’s particular coat.

You want to invest in a shampoo that’s of good quality. One with properties that suits your dog’s specific fur best. Using the wrong kind, or even the right kind excessively, will strip the natural oils from the dog’s coat. The removal of these necessary oils may make your dog’s skin dry and irritated. And whatever you do, do not ever use human shampoo on your pooch. Human shampoo doesn’t have the right pH balance for your dog.

For best results, look for natural shampoo and conditioner that are:

Free of sulfate.
Low in foam.

The combination of the three above will produce clean and fragrant fur that has no residue.

Remember, before shampooing, make sure that your pet has been thoroughly brushed. Matting can be avoided during the drying brush by using a gentle blower or just allowing your dog to air dry.

3. Water baths may not always be possible

Sometimes, a water bath may not be possible. That shouldn’t mean letting your dog stink until it is. Waterless cleaning is a thing. It’s a good alternative, too. It will not require you to wet your dog’s fur before applying and rinsing the coat. It’s also being used by groomers to remove stains and deodorize fur between baths.

Dogs have their own distinct smell. Don’t let you precious pooch’s scent be eau de wet socks. Learn how to properly groom him.