January 30, 2023

Mum and kittens found in electricity substation

Volunteers from Cats Protection’s Cambridge branch joined forces with engineers from UK Power Networks to rescue the feline family, after two of the kittens came within a whisker of high-voltage electrical equipment.

The engineers shut off the power while the kittens, believed to be 10 weeks old, were pulled to safety. Now in the care of the charity, they have been named Sparky, Flash and Joules, while their mum is now known as Elektra.

A stray cat and her three kittens are recovering after being plucked to safety from the live electricity substation where they had been sheltering.


Niccy says: “Elektra is a lovely, friendly cat, so it’s likely she was once a pet who has perhaps been abandoned and left to fend for herself. As she was not neutered, she would have become pregnant very young, and has done her best to raise her kittens.

“Despite their tough outdoor start in life,IWC Pilot’s Replica Watch the kittens are in remarkably good condition. Elektra had obviously done a great job looking after them. But had we not been able to capture them, they would have all faced a tough, gruelling life on the streets as stray cats — and without being neutered they would have all gone on to produce more strays.

“While they are lovely kittens, they’re not used to people so we will be working very hard to socialise them and get them ready for homing. They will also be neutered and vaccinated, ready to find a new home — somewhere a lot more suitable than a power station!”

Branch coordinator Niccy Townley says a local gardener first raised the alarm after spotting the kittens trapped within the six-foot-high walls surrounding the substation in Elizabeth Way, Cambridge. She says: “I immediately contacted the power company and the engineers joined me at the site very quickly. We all had one goal — to get the kittens out safely.

“I managed to catch the mum cat very easily, but because the kittens were not used to people they were very wary and difficult to catch. Two of them dashed inside the substation and at that point it became very dangerous, as they were very close to a high-voltage area.”

She continues: “Fortunately, they stayed still, and as soon as the power was off we were able to grab them. It was such a relief to get hold of them and we were all so pleased to have such a good outcome.”

It’s believed that Elektra, thought to be aged one, is likely to have crept into the power station looking for a warm, secluded spot.

To find out more about adopting Elektra or her kittens, please call Cats Protection on tel. 03000 121212 or visit www.cambridge.cats.org.uk

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