January 28, 2023

Miracle Dog Survives 11-Story Fall From Florida High-Rise

A 12-year old Pekingese is lucky to be alive after falling more than 120-feet from the balcony of a Florida high-rise condominium.

Kimberly Bellinger brought Bonzo to visit her mother in West Palm Beach after her father passed away unexpectedly. Normally Bonzo is content to just relax inside, but this time, the little pooch walked out onto the balcony and squeezed between the bars of the railing, falling 11-stories onto the grass below.

Panicked, especially after having just lost her father and the recent death of her other dog, Kimberly rushed downstairs to find Bonzo alive.

Miraculously, the little dog only suffered a fractured rib and is expected to make a full recovery.

Let this story serve as a reminder to keep pets safe on balconies! Bonzo was very lucky.


[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/miracle-dog-survives-11-story-fall-from-florida-high-rise/]