January 28, 2023

Khao Manee Cat Breed Profile

Khao Manee Cat Breed Profile

Khao Manee cat breed at a glance

Intelligence: Very much
Quiet: Reasonably
Good with dogs?: Very much
Good with children: Very much
Love the outdoors?: Not especially
Grooming: Reasonably.

The Khao Manee (pronounced Kow Manee), like many of the Thai breeds, is mentioned in the historic ‘Tamra Maew’ (the Thai book of cat poems) and is known as the white cat of Thailand. The book states that if this breed lives in any house then it will bring long life and title. The name of the cat literally translated means ‘white gem’. For hundreds of years the breed was rigorously protected and only Thai royalty were permitted to breed them. The most devoted royal was King Rama V. The history of the great breeds is still taught in Thai schools.

Introduced to the UK in 2009, Khao Manee’s eyes have a ‘starburst’ pattern and can be blue, amber, yellow or green, or a mixture of blue and any of the other colours. Defined by its white colour, Khao Manee litters sometimes contain coloured or colourpointed kittens.

Like their Thai breed cousins – the Siamese cat breed, Burmese cat breed and the Korat cat breed – Khao Manee are said to be extremely intelligent, sociable and affectionate. Described as ‘dog-like’ in character, Khao Manee tend to show extreme loyalty to their family.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every cat is an individual.