January 28, 2023

Indoor-only lifestyle, one of the obesity crisis

Over two-fifths of the nation’s cats are overweight and 26 per cent of vets say that more than half of their feline patients are overweight, so the insurance provider is urging owners to be more responsible.

Half of vets believe the rise in indoor-only cats have made a cheap bell rosssignificant contribution to the weight problem — and a fifth highlighted that stress and behavioural issues can also occur as a result of having no outside access.

Do cats need a sugar tax? Direct Line Pet Insurance has revealed that millions of cats are at risk of life-threatening illnesses as a result of being overfed and not doing enough physical activity.



“Owners really need to focus on controlling food portions and encouraging their pet to exercise, indoors or outdoors. Doing this effectively will help reduce the risk of serious health problems. Veterinary bills can often be costly and many of these illnesses will require multiple trips to the vet and ongoing prescriptions.”

Diabetes is the most common obesity-related illness in cats (87 per cent) with overfeeding being the leading cause in nine out of 10 cases. Arthritis, urinary problems, joint issues and heart disease are other serious health concerns reported to vets as a result of cats being overweight.

Prit Powar, head of pet insurance at Direct Line, comments: “Overweight cats are becoming more of an issue. The percentage of obese cats is extremely alarming and resulting in long-term illnesses for those cats. Fortunately, there’s a simple fix.

[Source : http://www.yourcat.co.uk/Your-Cat/indoor-only-lifestyle-blamed-for-obesity-crisis.html]