March 21, 2023

How to Keep Your Pet Hydrated this Summer

The summer is upon us and that means getting outside and enjoying the sunshine with our family. It comes to no surprise that July is one of the hottest months of the year. The temperatures have continued to rise over the years, some temperatures have shown to skyrocket into the triple digits, which means we should all be drinking more water. In an effort to keep our furry companions healthy, happy, and hydrated, we salute July being “Hydration Awareness Month” for our pets. Here are 4 Tips to keep your pet hydrated this summer season.


4 Tips to keep your Pet Hydrated this July

Conserve Energy

Since the weather is unpredictable and it can be a scorching temperature at any given time frame, be considerate to your pets when choosing to partake in high-energy outdoor activities. Perhaps choose to take that family walk at a cooler point in the early morning or a sunset stroll when the temperatures have decreased. During the hottest points of the day, it might be a great opportunity to get some rest and relaxation indoors with your furry friend. When choosing your outdoor plans always take into consideration your pet’s age, health, and regular exercise regime.




Provide the Resources.

The use of comfortable bedding, cooling vests, and properly running fans can go a long way when providing comfort after a day outside in the heat. Additionally, finding a comfortable shady spot away from the heat is a wonderful option. The use of a covered patio or umbrella is a way for a pet to escape the direct sunlight and can detour dehydration.





Go For a Swim.

Take an opportunity to take a dip in the pool. Going swimming with your pet is a nice way for you to both cool off from the heat and is a fun bonding activity. Also, having a small kid’s pool is a great way for your pets to cool off while hanging outside with the family.




Keep the Water Bowl full.

It seems like an easy one to remember, but how often do we forget to drink water? Always provide fresh cold water that is accessible for your pet.   Additionally, the use of cold ice cubes in the bowl can keep the water extra cool.

The use of a collapsible bowl, filtered water bottle, and a misting portable fan are wonderful options to keep your pet cool. These items are easy to keep in a backpack and store so you have at your disposable at any time.

Trupanion staff veterinarian, Sarah Nold, DVM recommends “1 Oz of water per pound of body weight” for how much water a pet should be drinking per day.

Dehydration, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion are just a few conditions that can occur when a pet does not stay hydrated. Always consult with your veterinarian when choosing an exercise regime and seek care if needed. By conserving your pet’s energy, providing positive resources, choosing safe light-activities and keeping that water bowl full you are providing a healthy and fun way for your pet to stay fully hydrated during this summer season.