January 28, 2023

How to do Dog Nail Clip

Dog nail clipping

Nail-clipping is an essential part of the grooming process for dogs, especially for the small ones.

Nailing it

Dogs’ claws keep growing. If they are left untrimmed, they can be uncomfortable for dog and owner alike.

Maybe your vet  gives you a good idea of when it’s time to trim your dog’s nails,  and should  be able to demonstrate how to trim them, but this DIY guide may also be of assistance.

Before you begin

  • Massage his feet and look at his nails, and offer praise when he keeps still.  That will reduce his fears of the activity later on.
  • There are several kinds of nail trimmers available. Have your vet, groomer or other pet professional recommend an appropriate clipper for your dog’s nails.
  • Buy some styptic powder from a pet store– it’s used to stop bleeding should you cut a nail too short.
  • Dog nail clipping

Trimming technique

  1. Gently hold and squeeze your dog’s paw to extend the nail. Find the quick (a vein in the nail that feeds the nail bed) by looking for the pink line coming from the base of the nail. You do not want to cut this.
  1. Wait until your dog is still before you make a cut.
  1. Start conservatively. It’s better to cut a little twice than cut too much and hit the quick.
  1. If you cut a nail and it bleeds, immediately apply some styptic powder and a small amount of pressure to the end of the nail.
  1. On darker nails, it can be a bit more difficult to see where the quick begins so seek appropriate instruction before clipping.
  1. Always praise your dog for holding still

Keep nails shorter naturally

One benefit to regular exercise, particularly if you walk your dog predominantly on pavements, is that the action of walking keeps the nails trimmed as they brush against the concrete.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about nail trimming, but you will be able to go longer between trims. If you have a larger, heavier dog who is regularly walked on pavements, your vet may even give you the green light not to clip at all.

Dog nail clipping is an essential part of any grooming routine.