January 28, 2023

Heroic Family Rescues 87-Year Old Man His Dog From South Carolina Flood Waters

George Osterhues, along with his dog, Tila, was making the long drive from Ottawa, Canada, to Florida when his car became trapped in Chester County, South Carolina’s rising flood waters.

A couple of hours after his car became trapped, area resident Tom Hall was out checking the area for people that might need some help. He saw Osterhues’ car in the distance and hoped that no one was inside. That’s when George raised a hand and waved to Tom for help.

“I went to the window and the water was about up to here,” Hall explained to WSOC TV, drawing a line across the middle of his chest with his hand. He was ready to pull Osterhues out of the window but there was a problem.

He was clutching his small dog, Tila, and wasn’t about to let her go.

Hall begged Osterhues to leave the dog, promising to come back for her later. George refused. So, Hall and his wife, Julie, the solicitor in Chester County, worked together to pull George and Tila to safety.

After the heroic rescue, the Hall family invited Osterhues and Tila to stay in their home for the night until they could arrange for a hotel and rental car for him.

“They already did too much for me. They have a big family to take care of and now me on top of that,” Osterhues said about his new lifelong friends.

[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/heroic-family-rescues-87-year-old-man-his-dog-from-south-carolina-flood-waters/]