January 28, 2023

Happy Birthday to You! Turn Your Special Day into an Opportunity to Save Lives

Kitten sitting in front of presents

Is your birthday coming up? This year, you can make your celebration more memorable by making a difference for animals in need nationwide.  Instead of receiving your fifth “Cat Lover” coffee mug or yet another gift card, ask your friends and family members to make a donation to the ASPCA in lieu of traditional birthday presents. 

It’s easy to make a difference: In advance of your birthday, you can set up your own ASPCA Birthday Campaign fundraiser page. Personalize your page with messages to friends, a story about your pet, or selfies with your furry best friends. In addition to photos, you can also embed a YouTube video (funny dog or cat videos encouraged!). Once your page is set up, share the link by email or on your social media channels to spread the word. Then, sit back and know that you’ve helped the ASPCA assist animals across the country.

Want to learn more? Visit our birthday campaign page to find out how you can celebrate your birthday for a cause this year.