March 23, 2023

Grooming an elderly cat

(Q) My elderly cat is quite thin and has arthritis. How can I groom him without hurting him?

(A) Professional pet groomer Alison Rogers says: You don’t say whether your cat is long or shorthaired. If he hasn’t got much of a coat, very gently use a comb to ensure you completely remove all dead hair or knots from the coat, as if you leave them he may produce hairballs if he ingests the loose hair. If he is shorthaired you can use a gentle grooming mitt on your cat’s body to help lift the shedding hair. 

Although this won’t remove the knots, you should find your cat doesn’t mind the mitt so much. You could also try a grooming tool from Kong called the Zoom Groom, which removes loose hair, helps with blood flow and massages and stimulates the skin to help it rebuild when you brush your cat.