February 3, 2023

Getting Ready for a Singing Canary

Getting Ready for a Singing Canary

Here are the basics gained from years of experience with both canaries as pets and as an aviary owner. These instructions are for the new canary pet owner. They prepare you to have everything ready so your new canary can go straight to his new cage home. These are the basics to get started.
Canary Cage and Accessories

A cage with 1/2” wide bars or smaller.
Canary Cage Materials
A cage at least 24″w x 24″d x 24″ht.
At least three feed dishes.
2 Water dishes.
Two perches wide enough for the canary to grasp.
A swing is optional (most love a swing).
Papers for bottom of cage (paper towel or old magazines).
Bowl for bathing.
A cover for nighttime (it can be a round table cloth).
Cuttlefish bone or finely crushed oyster shell.
Quality Canary seed mix.
   Canary nuggets.

Getting Ready for a Singing Canary
Selecting Your New Canary

Stand quietly at a distance and observe. If the bird is ill it will puff up and its tail will bob up and down but it will try to appear well if it knows it is being watched. Don’t buy him. You will be buying a sick bird.

Stand close and listen. If it breathes with a clicking noise, do not buy it. It could be infested with lung mites. This condition can be fatal.

Have the owner or pet store clerk pick it up and turn it over. If there are droppings on the vent (the opening where the droppings come out) or anywhere under the canary’s body, do not buy it. It could have an intestinal problem which often is fatal.

If it has a band on, check for the date as is their birth year. The life span of a canary is about 10 years.