February 1, 2023

Get your cat the winning ‘chip

In 2015, only 7 per cent of Battersea’s stray cats were able to be reunited with their owners through their microchip details. More than 50 per cent of stray cats that arrive at the charity have no microchip at all, whilst many with chips have inaccurate owner details.

Microchipping offers identification in a safe and permanent way, so more stray cats could be reunited with their owners if they had one.

After 450 cats already this year have come through its doors, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has issued a warning to pet owners: don’t take a gamble; protect your pets with a microchip.



She adds: “Losing your cat is distressing and most owners assume that their pet will never go missing, yet we take in an average of three stray cats every day, with only 7 per cent of these being claimed by their owners.

“The microchipping procedure is short, simple and essential to ensure the ongoing welfare of a family pet. These chips are extremely small but the return on their value is immeasurable when seeing the joy felt by an owner when their cat is found.”

Battersea’s head of catteries, Lindsay Quinlan, says: “It’s not unusual for cats to go missing as they are generally independent pets that love roaming outside. A few years ago, unless you had an identification collar on your cat, your chances of finding your pet if they went missing were slim to none.

“With modern technology, however, this has all changed and microchipping is a wonderful way to tip the odds in favour of finding your feline counterpart if they roam too far away from home.”

[Source : http://www.yourcat.co.uk/Your-Cat/don-t-take-a-gamble-get-your-cat-the-winning-chip.html]