January 30, 2023

Five steps to kitty stardom

grumpy cat

How can you join in and turn your cat into the Internet star he’s waiting to be to show cats’ interest?

1. Figure out what makes your cat stand out from the rest

You need to find your cat’s unique selling point, just from unique markings to a funny little personality trait or an incredible back-story!

2. Set him up with a page of his own

If pictures of your cat already get a few likes on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page, set him up with a page of his own — and ask your friends to like and share! Follow this with a YouTube channel and even a blog, and start posting those videos!

grumpy cat

3. Post every day

Popular cats on the Internet post updates every day — so try to flood the web with as much feline content as you can. From sleeping pics to eating pics and everything in between — your followers will want to see your cat’s every move!

4. Connect with other successful cat blogs and pages

Building an online community of cat fanatics is all about sharing other people’s content, and urging them to share yours too.

5. Show him how loved he is

Finally, make your cat feel like a star! Cuddle him often and show him how loved he really is — that way, he won’t mind if you take photos and videos of his every move!