January 30, 2023

Feline products for home andaway

Pulitzer enjoying his Organikat cardboard scratcher.

From time to time, I receive products to test on my felines. I don’t receive any monetary compensation, so that enables me to evaluate them objectively. I do like it that many of these products donate a portion of their proceeds to animal-related charities. It’s always interesting to check out new feline goodies. I wonder if the cats are as intrigued as I am?

The Sheraton Luxuries carrier is made of 100 percent recyclable plastic, It looks like a picnic basket, with easy entry from the top, though my husband observed that it maybe easy to a cat to bolt when the carrier is opened.

Travel Stix is a 2GB flash drive attached to a credit card type device that contains a variety of forms – pet rules, authorization for medical decisions, international travel form, health certificate and various other documents that can be personalized for your cat or dog. They’re good to keep with an emergency kit, to leave with a pet sitter or boarding facility, and of course for traveling.

Neko flies toys are a nice take on the fishing pole toy idea with cute names such as the Kittenator, the Kittycada and the Krasgonfly, which are life-like interchangeable attachments, furry and insect-like. Mollie went nuts!

Sentry HC Good Behavior Pheromone collar is said to offer relief from stress, anxiety. I’m using it on Pully (our dog-cat), who’s a bit ADD and it does seems to have a calming effect. He’s not as vocal and he’s doing less pacing. According to Sargent’s, the collar contains 6 percent pheromones and 94 percent inert ingredients (what the collar is constructed from). The pheromone used is proprietary and was developed by Sergeant’s. It mimics the pheromone produced by a mother cat to calm her kittens. The product, which is NOT related to flower essences or Feliway, lasts for about a month.

The Organikat scratcher is nice sturdy cardboard scratcher. My cats adore cardboard scratchers, they like to lounge on them along with scratching on them vigorously. Organikat offers premium organic catnip, simple catnip stuffed toy and an organic, hypoallergenic pet bed. The company prides itself on being plant-friendly.

Klaw Kontrol restraint bag is used to confine cats for claw clipping and administering medication. I was not successful getting Mollie or Tekla into the bag though it seems simple in principal – wrap the Velcro strip around the neck, tuck cat in, and zip up; there are openings for four feet. It’s kind of a take on the anxiety wrap – it would be interesting to see how the cat reacts once its in the bag.