January 28, 2023

Dolphin Photobombs Wedding Pictures for Couple


Every couple dreams of having a memorable wedding day. Friends, family, flowers, food, and fine apparel are the typical trappings. Some couples choose to put their own unique spin on their wedding day. Alexis and Steve Epsey, for example, wanted to swim with dolphins and be married in front of a dolphin tank.

Special Guest Steals the Show

The Epseys traveled to Marine Land Dolphin Adventure in St. Augustine, Fla. to swim with the dolphins and tie the knot earlier this year. Among the most cherished tangible mementos of any wedding day are wedding photos, and plenty of them. Many couples have albums full of fun snaps they envision sharing with their children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren. The Epseys have one particular wedding photo that has gone viral on the Internet – for very good reason.

As per Florida wedding tradition, the beaming bride and debonair groom posed for photos with a tropical backdrop. As they posed for their first sweet kiss as husband and wife, they had no idea that the ensuing photo would be so memorable – thanks to a fortuitous and totally spontaneous photo bomb. Many couples plan destination weddings that involve a swim with dolphins in the Bahamas. However, few end up with photos like the Epseys.

Best Wedding Gift Ever:

Lovely Couple Receives Iconic Dolphin Wedding Pic

Wedding goers Sarah and Ben McLachlan had their cameras perfectly positioned to capture a dolphin leaping out of the water just as the couple kissed. Dolphins are notoriously intelligent mammals so whether this amazing photo bomb was engineered or accidental may never be certain. What is certain is that one energetic Marine Land Dolphin Adventure resident made the Espey’s special day even more memorable with a truly one of a kind nuptial photo.

The first-kiss photo bomb is, by far, the most spectacular snap in the couple’s wedding album. But the magical mammals appeared in several other photos, too. The newlyweds chose to be married in front of their family, friends and dolphins for a reason. They find these smart creatures magical, playful and irresistible. Later they posed to kiss in front of the dolphin tank and their photographer friends captured several more memorable snaps. In one, as the newlyweds kissed. two dolphins can be seen peeking over the side of their tank to watch.

You Can Enjoy Your Own Dolphin Wedding

Do you want to have a memorable wedding like Alexis and Steve Epsey did? If so, you should consider planning a destination wedding that involves a swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas or Florida before or after the ceremony. With any luck, you will be photo bombed like the Epseys, and have a frame-worthy photo that’s sure to become a conversation piece. Even if you aren’t photo bombed in dolphin style, you’ll certainly have a memorable wedding. Men and women alike dream of their special day. A swim-with-the-dolphin wedding is sure to set the stage for a happy life as husband and wife.