January 28, 2023

Dolphin Encounter – Up Close And Personal


Dolphins have long interested, puzzled, and held mankind transfixed. From their above average intelligence to their social and easygoing nature, man has had a soft spot for these majestic creatures for many generations. Movies like Flipper and Free Willy have given us a stylized glimpse into their world while sports teams like the Miami Dolphins have kept them in the forefront of our mind.

If you are planning a Bahamas vacation, a Bahamas dolphin encounter is a great activity for you and your family to try. We here at Swim With Dolphins Bahamas have many unique and interesting packages that let you get up close to these sea faring mammals leaving from two of the commonwealth’s most active cities. This article explores three such options for a Bahamas dolphin encounter.

The Blue Lagoon – The Up Close Bahamas Dolphin Encounter

Prepare to get up close and interact with dolphins. Our three acre Blue Lagoon dolphin sanctuary is a great place to learn about, meet, and greet these friendly and gentle creatures. After a short education presentation during which you will learn about dolphin habitats, their anatomy, and their habits, you and your party will be whisked away to the pool in order to put your training to good use.

In the pool, you will get to interact with the dolphins, swim behind them, and let them guide you in a safe and monitored environment. Our dolphin sanctuary is perfectly set up for this kind of Bahamas dolphin encounter and contains the pod’s habitat and amenities to make them as comfortable as possible. This Bahamas dolphin encounter is fun for the whole family regardless of age or swimming proficiency.

Sea Explorer – The Freeport Bahamas Dolphin Encounter

If you will be in Freeport rather than Nassau, there is still a great way for you to meet and greet beautiful Bahamas dolphins. Our Sea Explorer Bahamas dolphin encounter is perfect for anyone with an interest in dolphins and some time on their hands.

After a 20-minute boat ride, visitors will arrive at our dolphin sanctuary where they will soon get to take to the pool with the dolphins. After a presentation outlining training techniques and information about dolphins, visitors are asked to jump into the pool and put their training to use in close proximity to these creatures. It is a safe and fun way to have a Bahamas dolphin encounter.

Open Ocean Dolphin Experience — As Real As A Bahamas Dolphin Encounter Gets

For experienced and certified divers only, this Bahamas dolphin encounter promises to take you right out into the ocean and get you swimming with real dolphins. Our specially trained dolphins will follow you on our dive boat into the ocean. From there, you will actually be able to swim right along with the dolphins in the vast ocean.