February 1, 2023

Doggie Massage Basics


One of the fastest growing fields in dog healthcare is animal massage. The controlled, soothing touch not only help give dogs comfort but can also help in alleviating problems by managing pain, strengthening the immune system, firming up the muscles, joints, and tendons, releasing cortisone which relieves swelling and inflammation, as well as producing endorphins. Aside from that, doggie massage also helps in increasing overall circulation, improving digestion, and even in removing toxins in a pet’s body. Best of all, you get a few precious moments of bonding time with your furbaby!

Dog Massage: Before You Begin

Since dogs have different needs and biological makeup than people do, it is crucial for you to be knowledgeable and well-trained in canine anatomy and physiology before beginning to work on a dog that’s been stressed or injured. Without sufficient knowledge and experience, it’s possible to make problems worse or cause further injury. If your dog is injured, consult a veterinarian or dog massage therapist before beginning a massage routine.

· Talk to your dog’s veterinarian before starting a massage program.

· Call a professional dog masseuse if working with a delicate pooch or one with restricted mobility because of injury, joint problem, or surgery.

· Don’t massage Fido if he has a fever, is in shock, or has a serious illness or injury which hasn’t yet been diagnosed.

· Don’t massage an area with a lump, infected or open wound, or some sort of skin infection.

· Always check with a vet before massaging a dog which has cancer.

· If Fido is in good health, choose a word or phrase to let your pooch know that it’s time for a rubdown. Your dog has to learn this so he’ll recognize the routine and settle down gladly for the session.

· Wait until after your pooch’s potty break, and at least about 15 minutes after his mealtime to begin a massage.

· Look for a quiet spot, and try playing some gentle, soothing music.

· Sit in a comfy position or stand at a hip-high table so you can breathe steadily and deeply.

· Pet your dog gently, speak to him softly, and then start the massage routine.

You’re now ready to begin! Up next, step-by-step instruction for massaging your dog:

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