January 28, 2023

Dog Found With Muzzle Taped Shut, Legs Bound Together with Duct Tape

An 8-month old German Shepherd was found on Saturday, in the middle of a Denver, Colorado street, soaking wet, her muzzle taped shut and her front paws bound together with duct tape.

Good Samaritans found the young dog and immediately called for help. When officials arrived, several witnesses had already removed the tape from her mouth, allowing her to drink and breathe freely.

After veterinary examination, the dog is very fortunate to be doing well. She is now being cared for by the Denver Animal Shelter and may be made available for adoption after a 5-day hold if no owners step forward.

Officials have no leads in the case and, at this point, do not have enough information to begin an investigation.

However, they are hoping someone steps forward with information. If her abuser is found, fines of up to $999 and a year in jail are possible.

Anyone who might have information on this case should contact Denver Animal Shelter at 720-913-1311.

[Source : http://www.dogingtonpost.com/dog-found-with-muzzle-taped-shut-legs-bound-together-with-duct-tape/]