January 28, 2023

Dealing With Matted Dog Hair

Dealing With Matted Dog Hair

Dealing With Matted Dog Hair

Showing your own dog offers many rewards. There’s a sense of achievement and pride when you successfully handle your dog to the winner’s circle, and a deeper bond of respect and affection is shared between you and your pet.

The grooming and other preparation necessary before a show is felt to be a very relaxing hobby for many competitors, giving them a chance to enjoy their dogs more. Besides personal satisfaction, there also exists the opportunity to meet others interested in your breed of dog with whom you can share interests and helpful hints, as well as the joys and disappointments of showing.

To start, let us assume you already own a dog of show quality, since the discussion of obtaining one is another subject in itself. A dog of show quality can be defined as one that meets, or comes very close to, breed standards, according to conformation, size, type, disposition and color. If you have reservations as to whether your pet dog is of show quality or not, you should ask breed authorities and evaluate your pet as best you can by reading a copy of your breed standard and closely scrutinizing photos of top winning dogs.I would also recommend obtaining a copy of the American Kennel Club (AKC) rules and regulations pamphlet governing dog shows; this can be done by writing to the AKC. If at this point you and other more experienced dog show goers feel your dog has winning potential, you are ready to begin the training process.

We brush our hair daily, usually several times a day, and so should we be brushing our dog’s coat of hair. Below are several easy tips for dealing with matted dog hair and how to eliminate this problem for long hair pooches.

I know with the busy lives we lead it is not always possible to find the time to brush your dog’s hair. Daily brushing is recommended for those dog breeds with long hair, but you can keep Rovers hair free of matting and clumping with a good brushing three or four times a week.

Visit a local pet supply store and explain what breed of dog you own. They will be able to recommend the best brushes to use for the dog so purchase these, along with a good dog shampoo formulated for reducing the matting of the dog’s hair.

Before bathing the dog, brush the hair to locate any mats and as these are found trim them off using sharp scissors. If you fail to do this before the bath the hair will dry and become an even tighter clump. Removal then means a trip to the groomers so they can use the special tools they have for removal without the hair being pulled from the skin.

Allowing matted dog hair to linger on the dog will cause the dog to scratch these areas. Often this leads to the toe nails cutting into the skin, and now we have the possibility of infection and other health issues to deal with. Fleas, mites, and flies will all be drawn to the scratched area and lay eggs that migrate into the blood stream. Nothing good is going to be the result of this happening, and the remedy will be expensive.

Always check the paws and between the toes for matted clumps of hair. Removal of these will prevent the dog becoming lame and unable to walk or run normally. Think of it like you trying to walk with several small pebbles in your shoes. This is how the dog feels with this condition.

Check for matted hair under the legs and remove. These will limit the dog from running and walking without rubbing his skin sore and raw.

The good news is regular brushing and monthly haircuts at the groomers will take care of these potential problems. Keeping your best buddy free of matted dog hair is not difficult, but you need to take the time to help the dog maintain a healthy and mat free coat of hair.

How do you deal with matted dog hair? Please leave any tips and advice for our readers.