January 30, 2023

Colourpoint Persian Cat Breed Profile

Colourpoint Cat Breed Profile

Colourpoint Persian cat breed at a glance

Intelligence: Reasonably
Quiet: Reasonably
Good with dogs?: Reasonably
Good with children: Reasonably
Love the outdoors?: Not especially
Grooming: Very much.

 The result of crossing the Persian cat breed with the Siamese cat breed, this longhaired cat has coloured points, a cobby body, short legs and a short, broad nose.

Colourpoint Persian cats tend to retain endearing kittenish behaviour well into their twilight years, but although playful at times, they do generally prefer to take life at a leisurely pace and are very attached to their home comforts.

Today’s Persian looks quite different to his ancestors, who would have looked more like the Maine Coon cat breed or Norwegian Forest cat breed. While the modern Persian’s face is much shorter, this cat’s most stunning asset has always been, and still is, that wonderful long and luxurious coat. Ok, so it’s not low-maintenance (a daily groom is generally required) but when the Persian’s soft, thick and fine fur has been pampered to perfection, it’s truly beautiful.

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