February 3, 2023

Chartreux Cat Breed Profile

Chartreux Cat Breed ProfileChartreux Cat Breed Profile

Chartreux cat breed at a glance

One of the very few breeds that only comes in blue colouring, the Chartreux is a robust breed with French origins and a very long history. Stories of ‘the blue cats of France’ are said to have begun during the 16th century, when they were described as a stocky cat with an ash-grey coat and copper eyes. Today’s examples of the breed have changed very little since then.

The Chartreux cat breed is said to be a loyal, tolerant and gentle companion. They are quiet, good with children and other animals, are don’t tend to mind being left alone for loneger periods – although you will need to provide suitable enrichment if this is the case. Read our buyer’s guide to toys.

The thick wooly coat of the Chartreux simply requires a gentle comb, although, like many thick-coated breeds, they will moult significantly in spring and autumn. Being a very natural breed, the Chartreux is not known to suffer from any genetic problems or diseases.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every cat is an individual.