December 1, 2022
green snake

Snake Care Guide

When you first bring your pet snake go home, you should make sure everyone else in the family will be comfortable with the newcomer. Is ...
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Hermit Crab Care Guide

Hermit Crab Care Guide

Many people believe that hermit crabs are easy to care for, and ideal first pets for children. However, in fact, neither of these beliefs is ...
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How to Care Goldfish

How to Care Goldfish

For thousand of years, our human have kept goldfish and a similar fish known as “koi”. Koi and goldfish have shows and societies devoted to ...
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Sebastian character

My 5 Favorite Animated Animals

Most TV and movies that I get to watch are animated because I am a 2-year-old mother. After watching the same shows and movies over ...
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cute cat

Humberside tops region for cats in need

A lot of research has shown that cats in Humberside might be the most adventurous — but when they appear to be in a sticky ...
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Puppuccino Pals at the Kitsap Humane Society

Kitsap Humane Society volunteer Molly Clark had been taking rescue dogs on her local Starbucks visits for some time, but recently it has become an ...
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Dogs Make Excellent Cat Burglars

Some dogs would make excellent cat burglars. They seem to be able to break into anything. Secure trash can? Not so secure actually. Treats high ...
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Click To Comical Dog Moments

It even shows dogs acting unlike dogs by loving the vacuum cleaner or disliking meat. There are a few clips included that are a little ...
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Hiking with a Cute Pup

  On the trail Trevor feels normal, calling nature the great equalizer since it treats everyone the same. Trevor has learned to listen to the ...
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How Does Dog Relate to Other Animals?

Dogs and people are truly the best of friends, but that doesn’t mean that dogs can’t be buddies with other animals, too. Though dogs and ...
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